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Welcome new students and welcome back on the attack to returning students. The GGSA 2010-2011 has taken form!!! Meetings are planned for Thursdays @ 4.30 in the grad lounge; confirmation emails will be sent out.

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Welcome on the McGill Geography Graduate Society website. On this website you will find contact information, planned activities and information for prospective and current graduate students in the Department of Geography, McGill University.

The Geography Graduate Society is also interested in the organization of social and academic life for graduate students in the Department of Geography. More graduate students means more representative positions at PGSS meetings and then more involvement in decision-making processes at the university level.

And last, but not least, having so many people in this department means greater contact opportunities, communication, and exchange of ideas. Much of this is not possible without becoming involved in our extra-curricular activities.





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E-mail us: ggs@geog.mcgill.ca

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October 11, 2010

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