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Abizaid, Christian Ph.D. (Coomes) Floodplain dynamics and traditional livelihoods in the upper Amazon: a study along the central Ucayali, Peru.

Balram, Shivanand Ph.D. (Lewis) GIS and remote sensing.

Bustillo, Jaime Ph. D. (Sengupta)

Byers, Stacey M.Sc. (Chmura) The effects of ditching on the hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics, and vegetation of Bay of Fundy salt marshes.

Carter, Andrew

Charland, Philippe Ph.D. (Muller-Wille) Aln8baïkdakina - Définition et reconstitution de l'espace territorial due nord-est amériquain: la reconstruction de la carte du W8banaki par la toponymie abénakise au Québec.

Cohalan, Jean-Michel M.A. (Coomes) River trading in the Peruvian Amazon: market access and rural livelihoods among rainforest peoples.

Coen, Stephanie M.A. (Ross/Turner) Local small-trader sites and neighbourhood social organization in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Duan, Xiuping Ph.D. (Lewis) Human dimensions of natural resource management in the rural areas of central and southern Senegal: a spatial analysis of the KAP data.

Duinker, Kate M.Sc. (Meredith)

Forrest, Margaret M.A. (Brown) Exploring environmental stewardship in James Bay and West Island communities.

Germain, Alexandre M.A. (Wenzel) Occupying and Managing the Land: National Parks in the Torngat Mountains, Labrador Peninsula

Han, Yang M.A. (Sieber) Web-GIS, E-commerce and E-government.

Heyes, Scott Ph.D. (Pollard) Inuit knowledge and perceptions of the land-water interface.

Heumann, Benjamin M.Sc. (Seaquist) Seasonal vegetation dynamics using remote sensing, Sahel, Africa.

Holland, Tim M.Sc. (Peterson) Examining the relationship between economic inequality and biodiversity lost at two different scales.

Hung, Grace M.Sc. (Chmura) Using salt marsh sediments to determine sinks and sources of metals in the Bay of Fundy.

Kucey, Katrina Ph.D. (Wiles/Ross) Recurrent miscarriage and stress in Canada and Japan: is lifestyle significant to risk and prevention?

Louy, Olivier Ph.D. (Pollard)

Martineau, Nancy Ph.D. (Pollard) Martian and high artic gullies formation: the role of perennial cold springs and massive ground ice.

Poon, Diane M.Sc. (Seaquist) Spatial pattern and structure of vegetation at the Mer Bleue peat bog, Ontario.

Rubinstein, Michael M.Sc. (Moore) Nitrogen biogeochemistry of an ombrotrophic bog.

Schmidt, Jeremy M.A. (Brown)

Sloan, Sean M.A. (Coomes)

Stock, Meghan M.A. (Brown)

Strauss, Simon Yale M.A (Meredith) To serve and protect: A study of changing demographics and land use within protected areas in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, Central Mexico.

Turner, Kate

Zhao, Tian-ying M.A. (Sieber) Internet and diaspora - the experience of mainland Chinese women in Montreal.












James, April Ph.D. (Roulet) The influence of scale on the hydrologic and biogeochemical response of a forested watershed.

Noel, Paula M.Sc. (Chmura) Physical and biological characterization of salt marsh pools: comparison of a pristine and a recovering marsh.

Patterson, Zachary Ph.D. (Ewing) Sustainable freight transportation modeling in the Montreal-Toronto corridor.

Pelletier, Luc M.Sc. (Moore) Carbon fluxes on boreal peatlands.

Stewart, Heather M.Sc. (Roulet) Belowground respiration in a northern peatland, and the effects of climate change.


Anderson, Dale Ph.D. (Pollard) Perennial springs in the Canadian High Arctic: analogs of ancient Martian hydrothermal systems.

Armstrong, Derek M.A. (Ewing) Analyzing demand for commuter rail implementation between the South Shore and CBD in Montreal.

Basiliko, Nathan Ph.D. (Moore) Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology of northern peatlands.

Brooks, Mark M.A. (Brown) Panama Canal expansion project - economic growth & ecological limits.

Carter, Andrew M.A. (Ewing) The relationship between urban form and travel behavior: a study of the Island of Montreal.

Davey, Chad M.Sc. (Lapointe) Assessing riverine productivity of Salmo Salar from a geomorphic perspective: a scale issue?

 De Martinis, Lucio M.A (Müller-Wille) The geography of Italian identity in Montreal: issues of intergenerational ethnic retention.

De Pascale, Gregory M.Sc. (Pollard) Massive ground ice origin.

 Dressler, Wolfram Ph.D. (Meredith) Public participation in environmental decision-making in contested areas adjacent to Philippine national parks.

Frias, Gisela Ph.D. (Meredith) Community organization for participation in environmental decision making in Huitzilac, Mexico.

Graf, Maria-Theresia M.Sc. (Chmura) Identifying the buried dykeland soil in a restored Bay of Fundy salt marsh.

 Haase, Ian M.Sc. (Olson) Geographic analysis of tuberculosis occurrence and transmission in Montreal.

Haltigin, Tim M.Sc. (Lapointe) Three-dimensional numerical modeling of flow dynamics around stream deflectors.

Henry, Kevin Ph.D. (Olson) Exploring migration with surnames: Quebec 1650-1920.

Khan, Saeeda M.A. (Ross) Neighborhoods, stress and distress.

Klinsky, Sonja M.A. (Meredith/Sieber) Nurturing a sense of place.

Lantuit, Hugues M.Sc. (Pollard) GIS and remote sensing applied to periglacial processes.

Lee, David Ph.D. (Wenzel) A cultural geographical study of narwhal (Qilalugaq; Monodon monoceros) whaling by Pond Inlet Inuit (Mittimatalingmiut).

 Manzi, Maya M.Sc. (Coomes) Peasant responses to environmental change in the Peruvian Amazon.

Moreau, Marie-Annick M.Sc. (Coomes) Rainforest fisheries: the role of local knowledge in aquarium fish extraction in the Peruvian Amazon.

 Perrault-Archambault, Mathilde M.P.A. (Coomes) Agrobiodiversity in northeastern Peru: the role of master farmers in traditional agricultural societies.

 Rattle, Jean M.Sc. (Roulet) Nitrogen cycling and carbon sequestration in a northern peatland.

Rousseau, Melanie M.Sc. (Lapointe) Modeling the effect of forestry parctices on salmonid in-stream habitat using GIS.

Soare, Richard M.Sc. (Roulet) Geocryological analogues of Martian landforms.

Trigger, Rosalyn Ph.D. (Olson) God's mobile mansions: the relocations of Protestant congregations in nineteenth and early twentieth century Montreal.

Turner, Jennifer M.Sc. (Pollard) Investigating the effects of climate change and sea level rise on the coastal processes of the Beaufort Sea, Yukon Territory.









Abraham, Muriel M.Sc. (Moore) Soil organic carbon loss from the conversion of humid tropical forest to pasture and the potential for carbon sequestration through afforestation.

Berrouard, Delia M.A. (Müller-Wille) Managing conservation and multiple land use: Applications in Urho Kekkonen National Park, Finland.

Brisson, Stephanie M.A. (Coomes) Labor networks and unequal land holdings among peasant farmers of the Peruvian Amazon.

Burge, Leif Ph.D. (Lapointe) Anabranching Miramichi Rivers, New Brunswick: description and formation.

Ibrahim, Camellia M.A. (Meredith) Changing communities, expanding forests: how constellations of actors change land use and forest cover in southwestern Costa Rica.

Lebrun, Aurelie Ph.D. (Ray/Olson) Spatialisation et construction d'identites heterosexuelles urbaines: le cruising bar le Minuit.

McShane, Frank Ph.D. (Milne/Wenzel) Mining tradition or breaking new ground? Minerals exploration and stakeholder relationships in Fiji.

Obare, Lynette M.A. (Sieber) Forest user needs, gender, and geographic information systems: an integrative approach to managing the Forest of the Lost Child.

Pospelova, Vera Ph.D. (Chmura) Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages and environmental factors controlling their distribution in New England (USA) estuaries.

Robson, Colleen M.Sc. (Biron/Lapointe) Three-dimensional flow dynamics and bed morphology around current deflectors in a laboratory flume.

Roehm, Charlotte Ph.D. (Roulet) Carbon dynamics in northern peatlands, Canada.

Roy, Christine M.A. (Müller-Wille) Débat sur les réclamations des ressources naturelle et des terres communales dans les montagnes centrales de l'Islande.


Bardati, Darren Ph.D. (Meredith) A community and its forests: evaluating public participation in resource management decisions, Slocan Valley, B.C.

Cleary, Julian M.A. (Moore/Roulet) Greenhouse gas emissions from peat extraction in Canada: a life cycle perspective.

Li, Junhua Ph.D. (Lewis) Scale analysis in remote sensing using wavelet transform and multifractal modeling.

Marinier, Michelle M.Sc. (Chmura) Carbon balance for restored peatlands: the effects of Eriophorum Spissum.

Spasojevic, Zorana M.Sc. (Pollard) Biogenic silica and diatom centric/pennate ratios as indicators of historical coastal pollution and sea level rise on the coastal environment of the Beaufort Sea.

Wilson, Leah M.A. (Lapointe) the prediction of Atlantic salmon spawning habitat distribution and sensitivity to forest extraction in the Cascapedia River drainage basin using GIS.

Zimmerman, Andre M.Sc. (Lapointe) Effects of sediment transport and riffle characteristics on intergravel flow and salmon egg survival: Cascapedia watershed, Gaspé Peninsula, Québec.


Beecher, Beth M.Sc. (Chmura) Modern pollen and vegetation relationships in Bay of Fundy salt marshes.

Blodau, Christian Ph.D. (Moore) Carbon biogeochemistry in northern peatlands: regulation by environmental and biogeochemical factors.

Colautti, Dennis M.Sc. (Roulet) Modeling meteorological and substrate influences on peatland hydraulic gradient reversals.

Coulombe-Pontbriant, Moise M.Sc. (Lapointe) Effects of the fluvial geomorphology on the Atlantic salmon population of the Petit Cascapsedian river, PQ: a comparative study.

Comer, Neil Ph.D. (Roulet) Validation and heterogeny investigations of the Canadian land surface scheme (CLASS) for wetland landscapes.

Gilliland, Jason Ph.D. (Olson) Redimensioning Montreal: circulation and urban form, 1846-1918.

Isernhagen, Birgit M.Sc. (Moore) The effect of beaver pond drainage on CO2 and CH4 fluxes in a Canadian temperate peatland.

Reimer, Adam M.Sc. (Roulet) The role of bog plants in the exchange of carbon dioxide and water between the atmosphere and the Mer Bleue peatland.

Stevenson, Blair M.A. (Müller-Wille) Modern indigenous curriculum: teaching indigenous knowledge of handicraft and Sami colleges in Finland and Norway.

Webbe, Jaime M.A. (Meredith/Seutin) An analysis of the feasibility of developing a network of residential outdoor schools within the Canadian biosphere reserve association.




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