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You will find below a set of useful information concerning facilities, tips, and persons to contact in the department. This information is expecially dedicated to incoming graduate students. This info has been collected and compiled by Muriel Abraham, M.Sc. Updated in Spring 2006 by the GGS.

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Information from past and present grads about the department:

On the 7th floor:

- The Geography Department Main Office, Room BH 705

- As a graduate student, you have access to the 7th floor photocopy machine and a fax machine. Ask Maria Marcone about getting a code (4 cents/copy).

- Also ask Maria for the door code for 24-hour access to the photocopy room and the faculty mailboxes.

- Maria is also the person to see about reserving classrooms, computers and projectors.

- Pauline is the one to ask if you have questions about finances (see TA info page for more details regarding TA regulations).

- Office space. If your advisor has a lab or research area, your office will likely be in that room (ask them what the situation is and get a key from Maria - 25$ deposit). If your advisor does not have a particular space, Maria will assign you an office. In either case, as deposit of 25$ is needed for a key, ask Maria Marconne.

On the 6th floor:

- Room 602 is available for TA meetings with students, and is a convenient 24-hour drop-off location for assignments. The graduate lounge key opens the room. A sign-up sheet is on the door.

- On the 6th floor is Paula Kestelman's office. Paula is the manager for instruments and logistics in the department. When arriving in your new office, drop by her desk to inquire about available furniture: Tables, desks, bookshelves are available to graduate students and Paula is the best informed person.

On the 5th floor:

- Graduate students have 24-hour access to the GIC (Geography Information Center) with your student ID card. The livrarians can help you to find geospatial data, air photos, paper maps, etc.

- Grads have access to a private F: drive, which can be accessed from any computer in the GIC and remotely (meaning not necessarily on the 5th floor, using the novell client), as well as an ftp drive.

- You can send printing jobs to the GIC printers (Colour and Black and White), even from outside the library by installing the novell client on your computer (see Paul, room 509, for configuration).

- Ruilan Shi is the department GIS Technician (Room BH509). She is available for GIS related questions, as well as swipe card access to the GIC.

- A new "meeting area" has been set up in front of Ruilan's office, near the general-use computers. This is a great semi-public place to use for meeting students during TA office hours.

On the 4th floor:

- Ah, the graduate lounge (Room 430), a common area available to all grad students, for relaxing, meeting people, eating and it is where we have coffee hour and social Fridays.

- Keep the door to the lounge closed when no one is using it, to ensure maximum security. (See Maria for a key, 25$ deposit required)

- This room is our responsibility, we have to keep it clean and keep clutter to a minimum, especially in the fridge! Regular voluntary clean-outs of the fridge are welcome.

-If you use the coffee machine, plates or mugs, please clean them afterwards and return them to the lounge.

- The graduate student mailboxes are found in the grad lounge. Mail is first dropped off in room 705, and then makes its
way down here. Feel free to help out the process.

- There is also a computer with Internet access and a phone for free local calls. Please keep calls and computer use to a minimum so everyone can have access.

- There is also a phone for free local calls. Please keep use to a minimum so everyone can have access.

- The microwave was purchased by direct contributions from grads, the fridge is being kept alive by grads, the coffee machine and electric kettles are donations, please use them respectfully.

- Room 426 is a great room for presentations and can be reserved through Maria.





On the 3rd floor:

- A couple of classrooms that can be reserved though Maria, the undergraduate lounge, and office space.


- Graduate students can post a personal website on the department website. Contact Joseph Vacirca for practical details (room 705). If you want your website to be linked to the GGS web page, contact the VP communication

- You can send an e-mail to all graduate students through: ggs@geog.mcgill.ca (WARNING: To our "friends" in the spam business: This e-mail doesn't redirect directly the message to all grads. A human operator does it! So, even if you are the son of a dictator and inherited $50M, don't send us e-mails, we won't forward them)

- Interlibrary loan allows you get books and photocopies of articles from Macdonald Campus, and other libraries in Canada and in the world that are not available online or on the downtown campus.

- Find out what ejournals are online at McGill.

- Cisti is another service where you can find journals that you can’t find elsewhere. User name: xxxxxxx; Password: xxxxxx. (Request it at Schulich library or contact a grad). You will need VPN (see below) to access cisti from home.

- You can access all McGill resources (Cisti, academic journal subscriptions) remotely (anywhere in the world) using the VPN access. Check here for installing it.

- Several types of site license software are available for download (some for free!). You must login to the ELMS website with your Minerva PIN. The McLennan Library conduct free EndNote Workshops (software free at the ELMS site).


- If you need a quiet place for a reunion or meeting, you can reserve conference rooms at Thomson House. Check their website (PGSS)for more details and other information about their other services.

- You can get free ISIC cards (International Student Identity Card) Once a semester or so these are available at Thompson House, but throughout the year they can be obtained at Travet CUTS/Voyage Campus in the Shatner Building


- The James Administration building is the home to most of the
paperwork related challenges you will face at McGill. The Graduate studies office is on the 4th floor, although most
information can be found online.

- If you are being paid by the university (research assistantship, external/internal funding) you can get your tuition deducted from your bi-weekly pay. Fill out this form , collect the proper signatures and drop off at the student accounts office, 3rd floor at the start of term.

- Transcripts can be ordered through Minerva and picked up at
the 2nd floor Admissions office. It is not recommended that you
get transcripts sent by mail (either to your home address or oncampus).


-Business cards with the McGill logo are available from Ancillary
Services. Register and download the print client from their
website. While not cheap (be sure to ask for the student discount), these are great for handing out at conferences. Pick them up COD from under the McLennan library.

- As employees of McGill you may be eligible to take personal
improvement courses (French conversation, public speaking,
CPR, Word, Excel, etc.) for free from human resources.

Find anything new? contact ggs@geog.mcgill.ca.

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