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Internal rules (dept. of Geography)

TAs are assigned according to the priorities established by the TA union (e.g. someone who has TAed before (say, MSc 2) has priority over someone who hasn't (new PhD student) even if the person who hasn't TAed has the qualifications. There are some cases where certain profs ask for certain students. If it isn't a problem, this can be done for them. Conversely, if a prof refuses a TA (for a valid reason and they fill out a report), the TA is not assigned to the class.

Priority is always given to grad students in geog above students from other departments or undergrads. Whenever undergrads do get TA's it's often because there are no grads left to fill the spaces.

There are some cases where people are assigned 2 TA's. This may happen if the TA's are half-TA's or under special circumstances (like the student is the only one qualified to TA a certain course and they also apply for another TA, which can not be filled by another grad student).
You may not always get the TA you want because of these priority rules.

Collective agreement

Collective agreement (HTML)

Payment rules

- Under the collective agreement between the university and the TA Union, we MUST be paid within one month of the start of our contract.

- If we are not paid on time, or if there has been a mistake and we are not paid what we are owed, the university can very easily issue an advance payment to you. And this can be done up to 5 times during your university career.

- Remember that the one month limit is measured from the time you sign your appointment forms. If you don't sign until the end of sept for example, the university is not obligated to pay you until a month from that time (end of oct). So it is very important that you sign your appointment forms at the beginning of the term.


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