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Delphine Deryng

MSc student

Department of Geography

McGill University

Email: delphine.deryng at mcgill.ca






Research interests:

I'm interested in the interactions between humans and global environmental issues associated with climate change, agriculture and future food production. My research involves modeling analysis at the global scale.

For my master, I'm working on developing a global crop model to quantify the importance of management practices on crop yield in comparison with climate. More precisely, I'm looking at the effect of planting and harvest decisions, as well as irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer application on maize, wheat, and soybeans production at the global scale.

I presented some of my work on simulating planting and harvest decisions at the Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), which took place in San Francisco in December 2008. I developed an algorithm to predict planting and harvest decisions according to temperature and soil moisture. (see maps below)


Please, feel free to contact me for more information.



Originally from France, I have a background in Physics and Cosmology. While finishing my degree in Physics, I was really concerned about the whole climate change problem, and I started to feel the need to relate my research to people and current environmental problems. I had spent a year in Montreal as an exchange student, and I decided to go back there after completing my Master in Physics. Then, I had the great opportunity to meet Dr. Navin Ramankutty, and work as a research assistant in his lab before starting my Master in Geography under his supervision.


Education: (download full CV)

- 2009 (expected): MSc in Geography, McGill University, Montreal (Qc) - Canada

         Thesis: Quantifying the role of management practices on world food production using a global ecosystem model

- 2006: MSc in Physics, Université Denis Diderot, Paris - France

         Thesis: Analysis of the spectrum of possible values of the Cosmological Constant and fine-tuning of the parameters for a successful inflation in the Field-Theory landscapes

- 2004: BSc in Physics with Honors, Université Denis Diderot, Paris - France


Academic affiliation: Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)


Workshops and conferences:

- AGU fall meeting - San Francisco (USA), December 2008

Poster presentation: Developing a global crop model for maize, wheat, and soybeans - Simulation of planting and harvest decisions (download a pdf version of my poster)

- 3rd AIMES (Analysis, Integration and Modeling of the Earth System) Young Scholar’s Network Workshop - Bristol (UK), June 2007

Modeling Global Land-Use Decision Making



GEC3 (Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre) student stipend, 2009

GEC3 travel award, 2008


Some maps and figures:


Comparison between simulated and actual crop calendar:





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