Li Junhua
Ph.D. Canditate
Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall
805 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, QC, H3A 2K6
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Introduction to Wavelet Transform for Geography student
Principal Components Analysis on Remote Sensing

Major Interests


Profesional Experience
  • Sept. 1997 -- Present 
Programmer analyst, GIS/Image processing specialist and teaching assistant, Dept of Geography, McGill University
     Finished Projects/Programs:
           1. Dynamic link program between MATLAB software and IDRISI software
           2. Different resolution's  images fusion using wavelet transform
           3. Data transfer program between ArcView and IDRISI.
           4. 3D Terrain Simulation
           5. 2-D wavelet transform program
  • July, 1999 -- Oct., 1999
GIS/Remote Sensing specialist in Raytheon Company, USGS/EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls,USA
         Image processing and Developed methods for land-cover performance evaluation using long time series NDVI images and GIS technology
  • July, 1998 -- present
Programmer analyst and GIS/Remote Sensing specialist, contract work with Raytheon Company, USGS/EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD, USA (part-time)
Worked for a contract on long-term monitoring of environmental change in Senegal using satellite image; processed and analyzed spatial-temporal remotely sensed image data in an integrated GIS framework to identify spatial patterns and associations; tasks including exploratory and explanatory data analysis and map production using C++.
  • July, 1996 -- Sept. 1997 
Software engineer in Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Science
1. Team leader and developer of Spatial Analysis module (include network analysis) in the commerical project: developing GIS software (using C++)
2. Joined the project: Geo-data sharing and responsible for the implementation of basic functions in GIS using JAVA
  • Sept., 1993 -- July, 1996 
Programmer analyst in Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Science
1. Designed and developed Mutimedia tourism Information System for Baoding city ( SUN UNIX system)
2. Designed and developed Computer Geographic Graphic Simulating System and Landscape Visualization System
3.  computer 3D terrain simulation and 3D plant generation
  • July, 1991-- Sept., 1993 
Software engineer and GIS/Remote Sensing Engineer in Jiangxi Center for Agri-meteorology, working on programming for image processing, remote sensing and GIS
1.Provincal Agri-meteorology Information System (using MSC6.0) 
2.NOAA/AVHRR image application for monitoring disater and agriculture (using MSC5.0) 
3.GMS Satellite Image Processing and Application,(Cooperating with other)


1. Li, J., Lewis, J., Rowland, J, Tappan, G and Tieszen, L., 1999, Using multi-temporal NDVI and rainfall for land performance evaluation in Senegal. The 14th William T. Pecora Memorial Remote Sensing Symposium.
2. Rowalnd, J., Reed, C., Tieszen, L., Lewis, J. and Li, J., 2000, Assessment of land cover performance using NDVI time series to identify degradation and changes across local and regional scales. (Submitted to Dubai International Conference on Desertification)
3. Li, J. and Lewis, J., 2000, Wavelet transform and scale effects on satellite image classification (in prepare)
4. Li, J. and Lewis, J., 2000,  Spatial-temporal data mining from long time series NDVI imagery database (submitted to International Geocarto)

Computer Skills:

   Languages:            C, Visual C++ (including OpenGL), JAVA, Fortran, HTML/JavaScript
   Softwares:              Matlab, ArcView (with all extensions), IDRISI, PCI, ErMapper, S-Plus, Oracle, MS-Excel, MS-ACCESS, FrontPage,
   Operating System: DOS, Window9x/NT, UNIX


  My wife, nephew (my brother's son) and niece (my sister's daughter).