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Thi-Thanh-Hiên PHAM (Geography)

Post-doc Fellow
Department of Geography
McGill University
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H3A 2K6

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 614
E-mail: thi.thanh.pham (at)


Post-doc (2011) INRS Centre Urbanisation Culture Société (Montréal)

PhD (2009) Université de Sherbrooke, Dept of Applied Geomatics

Msc (2004) Université de Sherbrooke, Dept of Applied Geomatics

BA (2001) Hanoi University of Sciences, Dept of Geography


My research deals with the interactions between natural environment and human activities in different natural and man-made settings. I focus on the spatial distribution of specific land cover and land use, by using remote sensing images, and other geographic and socioecnomic dataset. I am especially interested in populations prone to disparities in access to natural resources and/or amenities and services. My study areas include both cities, like Montréal and Hanoi, and rural areas, like coastal zones of northern Vietnam and the upland Sino-Vietnamese borderlands.


Journal Articles

Pham T-T-H., Apparicio P., Séguin A-M., S. Landry, Gagnon M. (2012 in press) Spatial distribution of vegetation in Montreal: An uneven distribution or environmental inequity? Landscape and Urban Planning.

Pham T-T-H, He D-C (accepted) Optimaliser le choix de parameters de segmentation dans l’approche orrientée objets pour la classification du milieu urbain à partir d’une image Quickbird. Télédétection

Pham T-T-H., He D-C, Morin D.  (2012) Relationship between the landscape structure of urban green spaces and residents’ satisfaction: the case of a central district in Hanoi (Vietnam), Asian Journal of Geoinformatics 12 (1) (

Apparicio P., Séguin A-M., Pham T-T-H, Denis-Jacob J. (2012) What do we know about the provision of parks in our cities? A methodology for the classification of urban parks using GIS and remotely sensed data. Plan Canada 51 (4) p. 42-46

Pham T-T-H., Bonn F., Dubois J-M. (2007) Démarche méthodologique pour la détection des changements d’un milieu morcelé en utilisant des images à moyenne résolution spatiale : application à une région littorale au Viêt-nam. Télédétection 7(5) p. 302-323

Béland M., Goïta K., Bonn F. and Pham T-T-H. (2006) Assessment of land-cover changes related to shrimp aquaculture using remote sensing data: a case study in the Giao Thuy District, Vietnam. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 27 (8) p. 1491–1510

Book Chapters

Pham T-T-H., Apparicio P., Séguin A-M., Gagnon M. (2011) Mapping the greenscape and environmental equity in Montreal: An application of Remote sensing and GIS. In Springer Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography - Mapping Environmental Issues in the City. Arts and Cartography Cross Perspectives. S. Caquard, L. Vaughan, W. Cartwright (Eds), p. 30-48

Conference Proceedings

Pham T-T-H., Apparicio P. (2010) Mapping urban green space in Montreal for better environmental justice: object-oriented classification of very-high-resolution images. Canadian Geomatics Conference 2010, Calgary, 14-18 June

Pham T-T-H., He D-C. (2008) How do people perceive the city’s green space? A view from satellite imagery (in Hanoi, Vietnam). IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, Boston, July 2008

Pham T-T-H., Béland M., Bonn F., Goïta K., Dubois J-M. (2005) Assessment of land-cover changes related to shrimp farming in two districts of northern Vietnam using multitemporal Landsat data. Proceedings of the 25th Symposium of the EARSeL, Porto, July 2005. Global Developments in Environmental Earth Observation from

Pham T-T-H., Bonn F., Dubois J-M. (2005) Détection des changements de l’occupation des terres par les images Landsat à Tien Hai (Viêt-Nam). Actes du 12e Congrès de l’AQT, Chicoutimi, May 2005, 8 p., CD ROM

Non-refereed Work

Pham T-T-H., Boudreau J-A., Collin J-P. (2011) Débats sur l’urbanisation au Viêt-Nam : Synthèse de la revue 'Người đô thị', 2007-2008. Working paper, no3-2011, INRS-UCS, Montréal, 110 p

Pham T-T-H., Apparicio P., Weber C., Mathon D. (2010) Détection automatique des zones sinistrées à Port-au-Prince : l'approche orientée objet, une complémentarité opérationnelle à la photo-interprétation. Working paper, no7-2010, INRS-UCS, Montréal, 48 p

Pham T-T-H., Apparicio P., Séguin A-M., Gagnon M. (2010) Végétation urbaine et injustice environnementale à Montréal : exploration du cas de trois arrondissements centraux à partir de l’imagerie satellitaire à très haute résolution spatiale, Working paper, no5-2010, INRS-UCS, Montréal, 48 p

Talks and Conferences (since 2010)

Pham T-T-H., Apparicio P., Séguin A-M, Landry S., Gagnon D. (2012) Disentangling street characteristics and the socioeconomic context underlying tree cover in Montreal using multilevel models, Annual Meeting of Association of American Geographers. New York, February 24-28

Pham, V. C., Pham T-T-H., Tong T. H. A., Pham T. H. (2011) Changes in agriculture landscape in the peri-urban of Hanoi: patterns in space and time. NASA-GOLC-GOLD-MAIRS Meeting on LULCC in Southeast Asia, Hanoi, November 5-11

Pham T-T-H., Apparicio P., Weber C., Mathon D. (2011). Comparaison de deux capteurs THRS pour la détection des dégâts causés par le séisme de Port-au-Prince. 79e Congrès de l’Association francophone pour le savoir, Sherbrooke, May 10

Pham T-T-H., Apparicio P., Séguin A-M, Gagnon M. (2011) Environmental justice and urban vegetation in Montréal: an application of object-based image analysis and GIS, Annual Meeting of Association of American Geographers, April 12-16

Apparicio P., Pham T-T-H., Cloutier M-S. (2011) Environmental justice and accessibility to parks for children in Montreal: Integration of GIS Data and very high resolution images, Annual Meeting of Association of American Geographers. Seattle, April 12-16

Pham T-T-H., Boudreau J-A., Collin J-P. (2010) Perceptions of environmental problems related to urbanization and climate change in Vietnam. Canadian Asian Studies Association, Ottawa, October 28-30

Pham T-T-H. (2010) What are the important indicators of urban life quality for local inhabitants? A case study of Hanoi. Annual Meeting of Association of American Geographers, Washington, April 14-18


Networks: Global Land Project; Int. Network of Research on Coupled Human-Natural Systems

Data: Earth Explorer; E-STAT (Statistics Canada); TIGER (U.S. Census Bureau)

Maps: Strange Maps

Blogs of Vietnam-based expats: Antidote to Burnout; Our Man in Hanoi; Saigon Development and Construction

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