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Osiris (Journal of the History of Science)


Journal of the History of Philosophy


Science, Technology and Society studies


History of Science Society



In Preparation:

Young, Jason R. “My dear friend”: The Congres International d’Anthropologie et d'Archeologie Prehistoriques as network.” Manuscript in preparation.

Young, Jason R. (In review). “The Nineteenth Century Museum and Bourgeois Consumption of Scientific Culture: Membership of the Congres International d'Anthropologie et d'Archeologie Prehistoriques”.

Young, Jason R. “Spaces of exception: The Birth of the Civilian, zones of ‘indistinction’, and the Law of War” (Manuscript submitted for review)


Young, Jason R. “Making the Margins of Europe: Migration, Europeanization, Islam and the contest for Public Space” The Review of European and Russian Affairs 4:2, (2008), 90-118.

Jason R. Young and Oliver Schmidtke, “Redefining Europe – Islam, Secularism and Diversity: “The Search for Europe’s future: Nations, religions, and politics” The Review of European and Russian Affairs 4:2 (2008), 1-9.

Young, Jason R. “Fear and violence: The renaissance of ethno-nationalism and the exclusion and marginalization of the Roma in post-transition East-Central Europe” The Review of European and Russian Affair 2:4 (2006), 52-79.

Conference Papers:

Young, Jason R. "My dear Friend": Augustus Franks and International Scientific Exchange: Cosmopolitan Networks in the Age of Nationalism." German Studies Association Annual Meeting, October 4-7th, 2012. Panel: Excavating the Public Sphere (1).

Young, Jason R. " 'Nation' and 'Mankind': Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in 19th Century European National Museums". History of Science Society Annual Meeting, November 5th, 2011.Panel: Toward a Nuanced Understanding of Colonialism and Nationalism: Contestations and Confluences in the Making of Science.

Young, Jason R. “Manufacturing the Margins: Huntington’s clash thesis; Islam and Pan- European Identity formation?”, DAAD International Doctoral Student Conference, “Deutschland in einer globalen welt”, Duitsland Institutuut Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June, 10-17, 2007.

Young, Jason R. “Making Nations: Ethnicity and modernity in the ‘New’ Europe.” 11th Annual New Frontiers in Graduate History Conference, York University, Toronto, Canada. February 17th, 2007.

Young, Jason R. “The Roma’s space on the margins of European society: “ Human Rights” or humans out of sight?” European Community Studies Association -  Young Researchers Network Conference:” (ECSA-YRN) “Widening and deepening the EU: What kind of Europe for the next century?” University of Victoria, Canada. May 18th, 2006.

Young Jason R. “The Constructing of present day Central European national space: Minorities and marginalization: defining European-ness“ at “Fear, space and the subject of violence” University of Alberta, Canada. May 5-7th, 2006.

Young, Jason R. “The Roma’s space on the margins of European Society: a working paper” The University of Pittsburgh's Graduate Student Conference on the European Union. “The Challenge of Europe: Governance, Economics, and Multiculturalism”, March 25th, 2006.



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