Education (click here to view full cv)
  • Ph.D. Candidate: January 2003-Present
    McGill University, Canada
    Thesis: Ecosystem Form & Function: Northern peatland pool carbon biogeochemistry and limits to growth

  • M.Sc. Environmental Legislation & Management: 1999
    Brunel University, UK (part-time)

  • M.Sc. Applied Environmental Science: 1996
    University of London, UK

  • B.Sc. Geography (HONS): 1995
    Coventry University, UK

  • McEnroe, N.A. & Helmisaari, H-S. (2000) Decomposition of coniferous forest litter along a heavy metal
    pollution gradient, southwest Finland. Environmental Pollution, 113, p11-18.

Conferences/presentations/published abstracts (click here to view poster)
  • McEnroe, N.A., Roulet, N.T., Moore, T.R. & Garneau, M. "Does size matter?: In-situ pool carbon
    biogeochemistry of a northern patterned peatland, James Bay, Quebec"
  •    Presented at Gordon Research Conference, Maine USA (2005)
  •    Presented at Ecological Society of America, Montreal, Canada (2005)

Research exchange
Nicola McEnroe
B.Sc. (HONS), M.Sc.