Ph.D. Research & Teaching
Ph.D thesis: Ecosystem form & function: Northern peatland pool carbon biogeochemistry and limits to growth
Nigel Roulet & Tim Moore) (Additional committee: Jonathan Seaquist & Michelle Garneau)
Funding by:
NSERC Industrial Partnership Grant with HydroQuebec

Within northern peatlands the surface microtopography plays a role in the spatial variability of carbon gas exchange,
because it influences vegetation community structure and hydrology.  Bog hummocks generally have a higher carbon uptake
than hollows, and carbon release is generally higher in wetter areas (hollows, lawns, pool margins).  There is a lack of
knowledge about the role of pools in the peatland carbon budget, in particular the internal biogeochemical processes that lead
to carbon gas generation.  Models that simulate pool carbon dynamics and the exchange of carbon between adjacent vegetated
ridges and pools are also lacking.  Specifically, the overall research objectives are:
  • Explore & understand the processes and controls that lead to open water pools, their developmental characteristics
    and how these might influence carbon gas production and exchange
  • Develop a simulation tool for open water pools that simulates the production, consumption, storage and exchange of
    carbon gases
  • Explore through simulation the contribution of pools to the long-term peatland carbon balance

Papers in preparation:
  • McEnroe, N.A., Roulet, N.T., Moore, T.R. & Garneau, M. "Does size control northern peatland pool carbon gas
    exchanges? CO2 and CH4 fluxes from an ombrotrophic raised bog, James Bay, Quebec"
  • McEnroe, N.A., Roulet, N.T. & Moore, T.R. "Limits to growth: Spatial and temporal variability in pool carbon
    dynamics on an ombrotrophic raised bog, James Bay, Quebec"

Teaching experience:
  • TA's: GEOG272, GEOG203, GEOG322, ENVR200 (January 2003-Winter 2005)
  • Co-lecturer: ENVR200 "The Global Environment-A Systems Approach" (Fall 2005). Topics: Global hydrological
    cycle, Human appropriation of freshwater, Global water crisis, Uncertainty in climate change & greenhouse gases,
    Stabilising greenhouse gas emissions, Kyoto Protocol and reducing emissions
Nicola McEnroe
B.Sc. (HONS), M.Sc.